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Metal Roofing Contractors: What You Should Know About Metal Roofing

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metal roofing contractors​

Metal Roofing Contractors: What You Should Know About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing contractors know why metal roofing is growing in popularity all throughout the US nowadays. They are very familiar with the pros and cons of metal roofing, and they know that the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages. So if you’re a homeowner that is also looking for a major roof upgrade, then metal roofing may be the best option for you as well.

In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the things that you should know about metal roofing. Knowing these things will guide you in making a decision on whether or not you should also install a metal roof for your home.

metal roofing contractors​

Metal roofs are not just a novelty

Before, metal roofing used to be found only on luxurious, architecturally planned homes. This is no longer accurate today. Metal roofing is now very common among homes across the US and is continually gaining popularity. In fact, according to industry statistics released in 2017, the market share for metal roofing in the past years increased by about 3%, and over 15% of all roofing installations done actually used metal roofing materials.

Metal roofs are resistant to damage from insects, rot, and fire.

Insects and termites will never be able to eat away a metal roof. It is also impervious to rot and mildew. In addition, metal roofing is also made from non-combustible materials so it will not spark when flying embers hit them. It is Assembly-rated Class A, which is the most fire-resistant rating that a roofing material can receive.

​​Metal roofs are energy efficient.

Metal roofing is highly reflective. It will reflect the sun’s UV rays instead of absorbing them, thus, reducing your cooling costs by about 10 to 25% annually. In addition, it also provides great insulation during the cold season of the year so you can also save on your heating costs.

Metal roofs are more cost-effective

Unlike other roofing types, metal roofs are more durable and can last longer. As long as it is properly installed, it can last for about 40 to 100 years. It will only require little maintenance as well. So even though the upfront costs are quite expensive, both labor and material, you can still save more money in the long run.

Metal roofs are no noisier than asphalt shingles

Due to the misconception that metal roofs are noisy when it rains or hails outside, many homeowners are reluctant to install metal roofing. This is definitely not the case. Typically, a solid substrate is used when installing metal roofing. The insulation and attic will also serve as an adequate sound barrier to block out any unwelcome noise. Thus, when a metal roof is installed on your home, the noise level will be hardly noticeable.

Metal roofs do not attract lightning

This is another misconception, which is a result of the fact that metal is a conductor of electricity. However, remember that metal roofs do not attract lightning. Any skilled and knowledgeable metal roofing contractors can attest to this. In fact, metal roofs are actually less combustible than other common roofing materials such as wood shingles or shakes.

Contact Storm Group Roofing: Your Expert Metal Roofing Contractors!

If you want to give your home an eye-catching makeover with a metal roof, then contact Storm Group Roofing. They are expert metal roofing contractors and they can give you options that will fit your roofing needs and goals. You can choose from steel, aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel for a unique look. They can also work on metal shingles to make your roof look like slate tiles or wood shakes. Call us today and we’ll give you a free estimate!


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