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Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

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Professional Roof Inspection

We are all aware of the fact that storms can be dangerous and even life-threatening at times. But did you know it can also threaten the life of your roof? The damage that your house encounters after a storm can be fatal. It goes without saying that this needs a proper inspection, so you are aware of the damage faced by your roof. While you might assume that checking your roof by yourself might be enough to assure the safety of your roof, we suggest a complete inspection from a professional in order to protect your home from severe damages. Why do we say this? Often you might not find any visible signs of breaking or leaking of your roof, and you go about your life assuming it is okay.

However, a professional inspection can help you get to the bottom of the damage and help you discover any damage and renovation requirements if present. A professional roof inspection can help in identifying any problems and the feasible solutions for your roof after being hit by a storm.

Below, we have put together a list of benefits of having a professional roof inspection to access storm damage if a storm or other major calamities have hit your house:

Start Inspection by Analyzing the Stability of the Roof:

An expert usually starts an inspection by checking your roof’s strength and stability. This involves an evaluation of the ceiling supports and if they have bent or broken or even favored some specific spots. Stability should be verified if there has been an intense volume of rain, snow or ice on the ground or if your estate has been hampered by a tree branch or other big solid body. This helps in understanding the condition of your roof and what renovations or replacements are required for your roof to regain its strength.

Review Shingles:

Other important things to look at if your roof has experienced some severe hazards from storm hitting your home are the shingles. An investigator can inspect all the shingles around your ceiling to look for damage, confirm it if there is no damage and help you with fixing it in case of occurrences of possible damage. These can be evaluated depending on both how sturdy they are and whether they have collapsed or dropped off your ceiling base. A complete test can assist you to see if those shingles will fall apart and may render it more difficult for your ceiling to remain stable. This can help you in evaluating if the shingles need minor changes or have to be replaced altogether.

Find Leaks:

Leaks can be a very common effect of a storm hitting your property as parts of your roof can be severely affected. Sometimes you may not notice the cracks and leaks around your ceiling until the next large storm. This assists the growth of the leaks and damage even more. A professional investigator can look at ceiling openings to see which spaces need to be patched. These include areas that may be close to the edges of your ceiling or in places where certain joints or curves may connect. These spots can be easily opened and become challenging to manage over time. As they are more vulnerable to leaks and more difficult to inspect, getting a professional inspection done on your roof is the secure way to go.

Look at the Insulation:

It is also essential to check the insulation around the surface of your roof. The insulation could be damaged as the body of the roof is directly exposed after a major storm. Hiring an inspection crew can help you see if any damage has affected the insulation and possibly aggravated things. The insulation should be supervised to ensure that it is sufficiently well coated irrespective of whether you are using fiberglass, foam, or any other compound.

Proper Handling of Insurance:

Getting a professional inspection on your roof can help you in making proper and reliable arguments when making an insurance claim after your roof has encountered particular damage. It may be simpler for any insurance claims that you want to lodge to be backed up by someone who can properly inspect your ceiling. Such claims will assist you in analyzing how well you need to manage renovations and what you can get out of the process. The inspection crew can approach and consult with your insurance company and take charge of the documentation so that it is possible to cover the repairs you need and can help you proceed quickly. In particular, the thorough study provided by an investigator will make it simpler for you to handle your finances because of how the details of what needs to be achieved will be clarified.

Along with the benefits of a professional inspection on your house after a storm, we have put together a list of what will be looked at when getting a professional roof inspection:

If the shingles on your roof are Cracked or curled

● Small leaks

● Ice dams after winter storms

● Damaged flashing on eaves, sidewalls, or dormers

● Damage to drains or gutters

● Damaged fascia

● Structural damage

● Mold, mildew, or algae intrusion

After a storm or natural calamities of some kind, we feel it necessary that you get your roof inspected. This can prevent further damage and save you a lot of money that would go to renovations later on. It is necessary to get a clear idea of possible damages to your roof, so you don’t make the damage to your house worse. Consult a professional inspector today if your home has recently been affected by a storm.


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