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/ Proper attic roof insulation

Lower Your Heating Bill & Prevent Ice Dams

When you drive through Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding cities during the winter, you may notice that some roofs are completely covered by snow while others have none at all.

If there is no snow on the roof or there are areas where the roof is exposed, it is likely because heat is escaping the structure through the roof.

You may also notice ice dams on these roofs. Inadequate attic roof insulation is often the root cause of these destructive ice dams. By installing proper attic roof insulation, the temperature within the structure will be more consistent and comfortable, you will save on energy costs, and you can avoid future damage caused by ice dams.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Minnesota experiences the best (and worst) of all four seasons. Temperatures in the summer can soar well into the 90s and can fall well below 0 degrees during the winter.

No matter what the temperature is outside, you need to be comfortable whenever you’re inside.

/ Saving money

Minneapolis Attic Insulation Installers

Proper attic roof insulation, professionally installed by our Minneapolis attic insulation installers, will help maintain the interior temperature of your structure year-round.

A properly insulated attic will keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. As a result your furnace and air conditioning won’t run as much throughout the year, saving money on your electric and gas bills.


Preventing Ice Dams

Preventing heat from escaping through the roof is the best way to minimize premature snowmelt, the primary cause of ice dams.

Over time, attic insulation can save a great deal of money on ice dam removal and the damage they cause.

With the proper insulation, moisture can be reduced or eliminated so that none of these issues come about.

Attic insulation is a small investment to your roof that can lead to major savings. In most cases, these savings will cover the cost of the insulation after only a few years.