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Tree-lined Eagan, Minnesota is one of the loveliest communities around Minneapolis-St. Paul. Eagan is also the largest city in Dakota County, MN. There are almost 70,000 residents and most of them live in single-family homes. Of all the Eagan roofing contractors, Storm Group Roofing knows the city best.  For the past decade, Storm Group has served Eagan roofing needs with honesty and superior craftsmanship at competitive prices. And it’s not only Eagan roofing needs that we fulfill, but a number of exterior solutions for homes and businesses in the leafy city.

Storm Group Roofing Services extend beyond Eagan Roofing:

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Residential Roofing

Southeast Minnesota often confronts harsh weather conditions which can really take a toll on the roofs of homes throughout the region. Storm Group Roofing, as our name implies, specializes in superior quality roofing repair and roof replacement. We use the finest products on the market from brands homeowners know and trust, including Owens Corning. In fact, Storm Group is an Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractor which means we are well trained in handling the manufacturer’s full line of roofing products and have passed “the test” to rank highest among Eagan roofing companies.


Storm Group Roofing has its very own Gutter Division. We want homeowners to know that gutters are just a second thought “add-on” but a job that takes specialized skill to do right. Storm Group understands and appreciates the fact that Eagan MN property owners deserve the best workmanship and the most honest, transparent discussion of their property needs. Gutters are as important to the longevity of a roof and the integrity of a building, including its foundation, as any other part of a home’s construction. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right contractor for the job – Storm Group Roofing.

Storm Damage Repair

Minnesota lies along the north edge of the region of maximum tornado occurrence in the United States, also known as Tornado Alley. Performing with storm restoration on a home or business is serious business, especially after a tornado, hailstorm, or any period of generally high winds. Property owners looking for Eagan roofing repair have a resource for excellence in roof restoration– Storm Group Roofing. Storm Group has the team and the discipline to repair roofs in a timely manner, before further damage inflicts a home or building following a serious weather event. We guarantee that your home repairs will be done professionally and efficiently so you can quickly return to life as usual. From an entire roof replacement to properly performed repairs to prevent any post-storm leaking or hail damaged roof, trust Storm Group Roofing as the Eagan roofing top specialist.


We’re not a one-trick-pony. On the contrary, Storm Group Roofing is Eagan MN’s siding specialist as well. A significant concern among home and business owners looking for a trusted siding contractor is whether or not the siding is of a high enough quality to withstand the Minnesota fluctuation weather patterns. We specialize in great siding brands, including James Hardie siding. Plus, rest assured, we have access to an array of wonderful colors and textures that will make your home or business look like a million bucks.


Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is a speciality of its own and Storm Group knows flat roofing processes very well. Common on commercial establishments, flat roofs can also be found on residential properties. Repairing and installing flat roofing is an entirely different procedure, with different materials than those used on sloped roofs. Since flat roofs are much more susceptible to storm damage caused by Eagan’s diverse weather, the flat roofing material we pick out with your input should be ready to stand-up to severe conditions. Strom Group always uses superior materials and, most importantly, applies them to your flat roof the right way, ensuring maximum longevity.

Storm Group’s professional customer service team is ready now to discuss your home or business exterior needs. We know that after you talk with our knowledgeable roofing consultants you’ll feel informed and comfortable having Storm Group Roofing complete your Eagan roofing or other property improvement project with the utmost in professionalism, precision, and integrity.

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