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The Benefits of Wood Siding

Noise Resistant

Wood siding is a great sound barrier and will keep your home quieter than other types of siding.


Wood siding has superior insulation characteristics and will help lower heating and cooling costs.


Wood can be finished using different oils, stains, and paints to match the style of any house.


This types of wood house siding is very recyclable unlike most other types of siding materials.

Easy Installation

Wood siding is very simple to install and even easier to repair. That’s why it’s one of the best siding for Minnesota homes.

Wood Siding Installation

Exterior wood cladding is a realistic, durable, and architecturally beautiful option for siding Minneapolis, St. Paul property owners. For those ecologically conscious, wood siding can be described as falling into a “carbon neutral” building materials category.

Today’s finest and most affordable wood cladding products are sourced from sustainably managed forests. These hardwood siding materials can delay the release of carbon that occurs when wood products decompose. Reclaimed wood siding is sometimes an option, as well. Reclaimed siding reduces pressure on existing forest stands, preserving and prolonging the carbon-cleansing properties of thriving, properly managed forests.

Not all wood siding is of the same quality. Less expensive, softer pine cladding is much more vulnerable to pest infestation compared to hardwoods. The methods used in curing and preserving wood siding can also have durability and sustainability ramifications. Storm Group will guide you through the different types of wood siding and make sure you select a product that aligns with your tastes and values

Siding replacement
Wood siding resists moisture, fungal decay, extreme seasonal temperature and freezing cycles, hail, and wind.

The Siding on your home or building is often the first feature people notice. Damage to siding is an eyesore. Increase your curbside appeal with low-maintenance wood siding installation. Storm Group also knows how to repair and replace siding using fine products and meticulous workmanship.

HIGHLY RESILIENT Wood siding resists moisture, fungal decay, extreme seasonal temperature and freezing cycles, hail, and wind.
LASTING BEAUTY Wood is one of the most sustainable products for a home’s exterior. While vinyl siding can be as much as half the cost of wood, wood siding lasts for many decades.
VISUALLY STRIKING Wood house siding or “cladding” can be painted in any color imaginable to complement the architectural design of any home.
Rot Resistant

Wood siding Minneapolis is made from several different species of wood, all of which have proven to withstand varying climates, including Minnesota’s challenging weather.

There are also specially-engineered siding products for property owners desiring wood siding.

Storm Group Roofing will discuss your preferences in look, texture, and color for your wood siding and install cladding that will make your property beautiful, well insulated and protected from the siding Minneapolis, St. Paul seasonal weather fluctuations.

Cypress Wood Siding

Cypress wood is highly durable and was once among the most popular types of wood siding on homes. Today, it is a relatively expensive choice due to the difficulty of milling the wood. Even though cypress is lightweights, it tends to be very resistant to rotting. It naturally repels insects, and it’s easy to work with. Reclaimed cypress wood siding may be a good alternative for saving money, and its lifespan can provide decades of beauty and protection.

Cedar Wood Siding

Cedar has natural insect repellent properties. Cladding naturally resistant to pest infestation means that this wood product doesn’t need to be heavily “cured” with chemical stains and insecticides.

Like cypress, cedar is lightweight and easy to work with. Beautiful finishes can be obtained with cedar siding because of the way it absorbs stain. The grain’s natural red and white colors offer a warm, cabin-ambiance to a home.

Redwood Wood Siding

Redwoods are tall, fast-growing trees. This wood type is exceptionally durable, and there is ever any shrinking or warping. Periodic sealing every 3-5 years is all redwood siding requires as far as maintenance, and it can be stained and restrained. Redwood siding is another wood that is naturally insect repellent and resistant to rot. Due to the scarcity of abundant redwoods in the U. S., today’s products can be relatively expensive.

Pine Wood Siding

Pinewood siding is the most common because it is plentiful and affordable. Pine overgrows, and it’s cultivated all over North America. White pine is used for exteriors primarily. The main benefit of choosing pine cladding products is the relatively inexpensive cost compared to hardwood species. However, property owners need to be careful in locations with excessive moisture and humidity and where insects are prevalent.

Your Trusted Minneapolis Wooden Siding Contractors.

The professional siding installers at Storm Group Roofing love installing wood siding. Our most popular wooden siding style is cedar shake siding. We will help you find the best wood siding options for your home and install it properly and efficiently.

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