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What Our Clients Say

Storm Group Roofing has completed hundreds of Minneapolis roofing and siding installation jobs all over the Twin Cities metro area and the response has been awesome! 

Our Twin City roofing contractors take a lot of pride in their work and it is awesome when our customers appreciate it as much as we do.

Krista Van Vorst

/ Roof Replacement 

Storm Group Roofing was great. I felt immediately comfortable with Dmitry’s laid-back style, and it became obvious to me that he knew the roofing business very well. He explained in detail all my various options, including shingle materials, warranty, etc.

With his extensive research of the companies he works with and their warranties, I felt like Dmitry was looking out for my long-term interests and not just trying to sell me a roof and leave. His crew was great, too. They made an incredible mess but cleaned up every speck of it. I feel like I got an excellent deal.

Ethan Roberts

/ New Roof Installation

Though we had a good feeling about Dmitry based on our initial meetings, the service we received from Storm Group exceeded our expectations.  Among the many things that Dmitry and his employees did well, include:

1) Started and completed the job within the relatively short time-table agreed to;

2) Expertly fixed our sagging garage roof with a well thought out and reasonably priced framing work, which Dmitry personally designed based on the unique structure of our roof;

3) Graciously returned to our home at no charge to re-shingle a portion of the roof disturbed by the movement of our DirecTV Satellite Dish;

4) Responsive to all of our phone calls and inquiries;

5) Very polite and respectful; and

6) When very minor hiccups in the job occurred, Dmitry was accountable and resolved the issue in a timely manner.

In short, while it is never fun to have to spend $8,000 for a new roof, gutters, and repairs (framing work for the garage) we feel confident that our new roof and gutter will serve us well for years to come.  Additionally, it was an absolute pleasure working with Dmitry and his crew.  It always felt like we were working together and that Dmitry truly wanted us to be 100% satisfied.  We are and would highly recommend Dmitry to family, friends and fellow Angie’s List members.

Marc Baumgartner

/ Roof Repair

Storm Group and Dmitry were very easy to work with.  I had a lot of questions, and they answered all of them via email or by phone. Met with Dmitry several times on site, and even though he is busy he made the time for this.  Very honest.  We made verbal agreements on things that could change, e.g. what to do if they found plywood needing replacement, and when we both knew the facts (after tear-off) he gave me all the details and cost estimates, and then followed through with exactly what we discussed.

Since this was my first roof replacement, Dmitry also spent time answering my questions related to insurance, how the inspection process worked, and questions about other possible work. One thing I would recommend for anyone else who is doing their first roof replacement – please spend the time to set up logistics & questions with Dmitry for the actual roofing work.  What I mean by this is ask questions so that you set your expectations correctly..  It is a busy, messy, construction site when they need to get things done, and home owners need to be understanding of this.  Keep your cars and yourself out of their way, and ask Dmitry before hand about how things will work, so that you have no surprises.  I did that, and it really helped me.

I’ve replaced roofs myself, but it’s not the same as a professional crew that needs to get you done in a day.  Let them do their thing, and ask Dmitry any questions you have.  That made it much less stressful for me, i.e. I felt like I could trust Dmitry and his crew chief.


Robert Mayer

Roof Replacement

Dmitry was very professional in his approach and communications. The job was done very well and when it was promised and in the timeframe he estimated. After completion, I feel like they are ready and eager to stand behind their work. That is important to me.


Dawn Niess

Siding and Roof Replacement

Dimitry and his crew did three jobs for us. – a complete hardy plank siding install on a rental property (Minneapolis), Roof on a detached garage of another rental property (Robbinsdale), and repaired a leaky roof with a skylight installation in our personal garage (New Hope).

We are very demanding consumers of these types of services. We have high expectations of quality and demand the best price possible. Storm Groups work was of excellent quality with very few exceptions. The minor things that I felt were incorrect were addressed beyond my expectations once they were brought up to Dimitry. It was refreshing to work with a contractor that did not fight you tooth and nail to finish a job to your expectations. It took some work to clearly explain my concerns but in each case in the end I was satisfied. The great thing about Storm Group is not that they are perfect, it’s in how they address imperfection or differing expectations.

The siding job was on a hundred year old house with a million angles and asbestos to boot. Storm Group’s work was great and after going over the work with a fine tooth comb I found three small concerns which were addressed. I found one more concern weeks later and Dimitry even came out and addressed that!

The roof was a low end/low cost job on a detached garage at a rental property. The work was done to code at a reasonable cost and Dimitry even added a couple of extras that I wanted.

The Sky light job, at our home, was completely messed up, it was not done as I expected and I did not feel that it would address the leaking issue for the long term.  Needless to say I was not happy and told Dimitry so. I did not get any back talk, excuses, or blame as often is the case in these types of contractor situations. He came out and looked at the work his crew had done, agreed with me, and redid the job at no additional cost to me. I expected a band-aid to address the concern, but that is not what Storm group did. They stepped up and completely redid the job. The results were amazing. Storm Group comes with my highest recommendation, they are a great group of professionals.

As with any contractor you must do your due diligence to communicate your needs and expectations. If you do this and negotiate an acceptable price up front I am confident you will be happy.