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Twin Cities Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

Storm Group Roofing is the leader in storm damage repair throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Our Minneapolis storm damage restoration team guarantees that your home repairs will be done professionally and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your Minnesota summer as fast as possible.

From total roof replacement service to repairing a leaking or hail damaged roof, trust Storm Group Roofing to guide you through the storm damage repair process from start to finish.

Stop waiting for storm chasers to knock on your door, call us first and you won’t worry anymore!

Expert Help With Storm Damage Insurance

If you’ve never filed a storm damage insurance claim before, you might be in for a harsh surprise when you realize how complicated the process can be. After a damaging storm, insurance is likely the last thing on your mind.

As a Minneapolis storm roofing company, we specialize in guiding Twin City homeowners through the storm insurance process.

/ Best reviewed storm damage repair contractor

Storm Damage Repair by Storm Group Roofing

Whether your home’s storm damage involves roof hail damage, wind damage, or you have a roof leak, trust us to ensure that your insurance matters are handled professionally and efficiently.

Storm Group Roofing is proud to say that we are one the best reviewed storm damage repair contractors in the Twin Cities.

There is no better feeling than helping a homeowner recover after a storm and we love it when they feel the same way about working with us!

If you think your home has suffered storm damage, request a roof inspection to expedite the storm damage insurance process!

What To Do Following a Storm

Each summer, the Twin Cities is hit by severe weather causing millions of dollars in storm damage in the process. Aside from the critical damage caused by fallen trees and lightening, water, wind, and hail are the most common threats to a home’s structural integrity following a storm.

While this damage may not be as easily seen, its cost to a homeowner can be very high if not addressed immediately. Here is what you should do immediately following a severe storm:

Storm Chasers: Just Say NO!

Just like a rainbow, storm chasers in your neighborhood are a sure sign the storm is over. Storm chasers are the clipboard holding individuals that go door-to-door after a storm pitching their company’s storm damage repair services.  

Before you even consider hiring a storm chaser, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Are they licensed and fully insured?
  • Does the Better Business Bureau accredit them?
  • Does their contract include a large cancellation fee of 10-15% after three days?
  • Do they have an office in or near the Twin Cities?
  • Can they provide a list of every part they will need in your project?

To save you the hassle of remembering these questions, you’ll never find Storm Group Roofing knocking on your door (unless you invite us first). We take pride in building relationships with our clients and refuse put pressure on you with aggressive sales tactics like storm chasers do.

Invite us over and we’ll show you why we’re your #1 choice for storm damage repair in Minneapolis, MN!