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Strong winds are a familiar foe to property owners in the Great Lakes region. Sudden gusts, straight-line winds, and even tornadoes cause damage to roofs and other parts of homes and business establishments in New Hope, MN and that’s why it’s crucial for people in this area to have a New Hope roofing contractor they can call for fast service and superior quality roof repairs.

Missing, blown-off shingles, leaks and other moisture-related breaches, airborne debris striking roofs and other property assets may be covered under an owner’s insurance. Storm Group Roofing helps stricken New Hope, Minnesota residents file their homeowners insurance claims in order to receive adequate reimbursements for roof repair expenses.

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Roof repairs New Hope - What are the signs?

It’s not always easy to tell when a home or business in New Hope MN needs roof repairs. Storm Group Roofing looks for certain tell-tale signs of critical roof repair needs.


It’s common for hailstorms to strike New Hope, MN– not matter what season it is!  Hail can severely damage roof covering, siding, outdoor structures, such as sheds and carports, and vehicles. Storm Group Roofing can assess all hail damaged components of a New Hope homeowner’s property. Roof repair in New Hope, MN which may become necessary in the aftermath of a Minnesota hailstorm will be quickly and competently inspected by Storm Proof. Then, a fast, efficient plan to address the roof repairs will be presented to the New Hope property. Roof repairs from hail should be made with no time to waste, as additional roof and structural problems can ensue if simple roof repairs are too long neglected.

Gutter system damage

Gutter systems are critical to a well-functioning home or building exterior. These peripheral drainage components are prone to damage by flying debris, excessive precipitation, ice dams, and heavy winds. Gutters can be expensive, especially architectural materials like copper and zinc. Storm Group technicians will identify and repair damaged gutters for New Hope, MN home and business owners.

Fast, On-Site Damage Assessment

Addressing damage quickly is the key to preventing additional property loss, moisture-impacted ceilings, walls, and objects inside a home or business. Storm Group Roofing will arrive on the scene quickly to mitigate costly after effects of a storm.



Make Storm Group your roof repair New Hope go-to contractor

Unrivaled Workmanship and Transparency

Our growing roofing company focuses on building strong, trusting customer relationships. Every day, Storm Group Roofing aims to demonstrate its honest work ethic and outstanding skill set. We’re always transparent about what property owners need and what they don’t. We work tirelessly to deliver superior results in all exterior home and commercial building improvements.

The Storm Group Roofing Difference


"I utilized Storm Group many years back with another home I owned. I had a few shingles that came loose. Storm Group came out twice to address these minor repairs, and didn’t charge me for either visit. When I needed my roof done this fall I recalled what they had done for me previously and called them first for a quote. Again, this company did not disappoint." — KELLY


"Elizabeth and crew at Storm Group Roofing did a fantastic job with our garage. There was lots of areas that needed repair. Elizabeth came out and day 1 I knew they were the ones for the job. Very responsive, very professional. Finished the garage in one day." — J. RUSSEL


"Highly recommend working with Alex Redmann. I interviewed 7 companies to replace my roof. It was an easy decision to select the Storm Group. Alex listened to my concerns and paid attention to the details." — J. HAUGEN

Storm Group Roofing is dedicated to the honest assessment of your property damage and to helping property owners through the often challenging process of filing a New Hope roof damage insurance claim.

Storm Group Roofing is certified and experienced in performing New Hope roof repairs. Experience the excellence and unmatched work ethic of Storm Group roof repair. Contact us today at 612- 712-1360