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Ice Dams

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Whether you're looking for a roof replacement, new siding, or gutters, we're ready to answer any questions you may have.

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Installing and maintaining all types of siding

Depend on our siding installation specialists to help you find the best types of siding options for your home or business.
One of the primary concerns of a home or business owner interested in siding installation is whether or not the siding is of a high enough quality to withstand the Minnesota weather long-term.

It’s fair to say that Minneapolis and St. Paul sees its fair share of extreme weather, so your siding needs to stand up to it and look great in the process. Storm Group Roofing is committed to ensuring that property owners throughout the Twin Cities have access to affordable, high quality siding that is able to withstand whatever Minnesota throws at it.

Offering the finest attic insulation for your home

Let us properly insulate your attic and start saving big on your heating and cooling bills today!

When you drive through Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding cities during the winter, you may notice that some roofs are completely covered by snow while others have none at all.

If there is no snow on the roof or there are areas where the roof is exposed, it is likely because heat is escaping the structure through the roof.

You may also notice ice dams on these roofs. Inadequate attic roof insulation is often the root cause of these destructive ice dams. By installing proper attic roof insulation, the temperature within the structure will be more consistent and comfortable, you will save on energy costs, and you can avoid future damage caused by ice dams.

Providing the Best services for your Seamless Rain Gutters

Your gutters play an important role in protecting the integrity of your home or business. When it rains or when snow melts, the gutters direct water to the downspouts and away from the foundation. If water is pouring over the gutters or through gutter seams, it will begin pooling around the foundation and seep through the cement causing cracks and deterioration.

The gutter division of Storm Group Roofing specializes in gutter installation and gutter maintenance throughout the Twin Cities metro area. We operate on the principle that every customer deserves to be treated fairly and receive the best work possible.

Trust us to find the right gutter solution for your home or business!

Storm Insurance Specialists are Available

The storm insurance specialists at Storm Group Roofing are always ready to guide you through the storm damage insurance claims process and ensure the adjuster has all of the information needed to generate a correct dollar amount for storm damage repairs.

Whether your home’s storm damage involves roof hail damage, wind damage, or you have a roof leak, trust us to ensure that all insurance matters are handled professionally and efficiently.

Our Storm Insurance Specialists Will:

  • Provide adjuster assistance to ensure correct measurements, estimates, and make sure they have photos of the storm damage.
  • Guide you through the storm damage insurance claims process and help ease your stress by ensuring that it is carried out correctly and efficiently.
  • Offer a pricing structure that is in-tune with major storm damage insurance providers
We are on the way!

Fast and reliable storm damage repair

Storm Group Roofing has years of experience in repairing storm damage to residential and commercial roofs.

Whether you need repairs for a leaky roof, roof flashing repair, or shingle replacement, we’ve helped hundreds of property owners get back on their feet after a storm, and we look forward to helping you next.


When severe weather has caused damage to your roof, siding, or gutters, we arrive quickly to mitigate the storm damage to ensure it doesn’t spread.


To make the process even easier for you, our storm damage insurance experts are available to help you through the storm damage insurance claims process.


Our professional roofing specialists will guide you through every step of the roof repair process to relieve the stress that comes with property damage.

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What Our Clients Say

Storm Group Roofing has completed hundreds of roofing, siding, and gutter installation jobs all over the Twin Cities area, and the response has been awesome! Our roofing contractors take a lot of pride in their work and it is always appreciated when our customers value our craftsmanship as much as we do.

Krista Van Vorst

/ Roof Replacement 

Storm Group Roofing was great. I felt immediately comfortable with Dmitry’s laid-back style, and it became obvious to me that he knew the roofing business very well. He explained in detail all my various options, including shingle materials, warranty, etc…

Ethan Roberts

/ New Roof Installation

Though we had a good feeling about Dmitry based on our initial meetings, the service we received from Storm Group exceeded our expectations.  Among the many things that Dmitry and his employees did well, include: 
Started and completed…

Marc Baumgartner

/ Roof Repair

Storm Group and Dmitry were very easy to work with.  I had a lot of questions, and they answered all of them via email or by phone. Met with Dmitry several times on site, and even though he is busy he made the time for this.  Very honest.  We made verbal agreements…

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