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Chimney Repair

The goal of Storm Group is to ensure the safety of your home by providing a chimney that does its job effectively. When a chimney is clogged or in need of repair, Storm Group is there to help. The smoke that becomes trapped in the chimney ends up in your home. This pushes toxic chemicals into your house. A simple repair can guarantee your family’s safety.


Preventing water from entering your chimney system is the primary goal of tuckpointing. If the mortar joints are in disarray, water will seep down the chimney. Moisture can deal a severe amount of damage to your foundation or cause mold. Tuckpointing is far more cost-effective than a complete rebuild.

Chimney Sealing

Straight, solid, and well-sealed chimneys provide a beautiful touch to fine properties. As a roofing and masonry contractors, Storm Group will ensure your chimney(s) are adequately integrated with your roof covering and that bricks, mortar, and other masonry aspects of your chimney construction are solid, safe, and sound.

Chimney Rebuilding

The rebuild of a worn chimney is vital to the safety of your home. The air circulation allows the fires to burn wood more readily. Without proper ventilation, your wood burner will produce more smoke and less heat. Storm Group will repair your chimney to protect your home and warm your home.

Mortar Cap Replacement

Every chimney has a mortar cap that provides your home with two services: Keeping animals out of your home and preventing flames from burning your home’s rooftop. A broken chimney cap created danger for your roof and home. It allows flames to crack your newly installed roof and cause more damage than just the cap. A simple cap replacement can save you money in the long run.

Stone Veneer & Wainscoting
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