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Twin Cities Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Severe weather is no stranger to Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota. When it’s time for urgent roof repair, Storm Group Roofing responds quickly to keep your home and your belongings protected. Our expert services for storm restoration include a complete inspection of your property’s storm damage, meeting with the insurance adjuster, getting your roof system repaired or installed following code requirements and manufacturer specifications.

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Straight-line winds and twisters are a roof’s most potent combatant. While roofs are designed to hold up to even hurricane-force winds, shingles, tiles, and flashing are prone to uplifts that can dislodge roof material, exposing nature’s elements to roof layers below. When the roof’s top layer is compromised, moisture can find its way to the roof decking and result in costly leaks. This calls for a storm roof repair or roof replacement Minneapolis, St. Paul, and its surrounding areas need.

Flying Objects

Other hazards of heavy winds include objects that could take flight from your property and those around you. Lawn furniture, building materials, signs, and tree branches can become airborne threats. If you know a storm is coming, secure loose objects around your property and alert your neighbors to do the same. But the wind itself, and the rain it carries with it, are the chief culprits of roof damage. Call for a St. Paul or Minneapolis roof repair expert right away.

Shifted or Missing Tiles, Moisture Penetration

Following a wind event, there may be little or no sign of missing shingles that have blown away. However, just as problematic are shingles that might have curled, creased, or fractured. Wind dynamics, like updrafts and down-bursts, lift roofing shingles. The shingles often simply lay themselves back in place, as designed, but while they flapped up and down, rain could have found its way into the roof’s sublayers. You will not see all the damage from a wind event, but a reputable roofing contractor will detect any critical issues caused by strong gusts. You will not see all the damage from a wind event, but a reputable roofing contractor will detect any critical issues caused by strong gusts.

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Pitting and Fissures caused by Hail

Hail often causes impact damage in the form of small indentations and fissures in asphalt shingles. Deep “pits” in your shingle roofing alters the protective qualities engineered into the material. Cracks around the impact points and displaced granules exposing the tiles substrate may eventually cause moisture to penetrate down to the roof underlayment and ultimately to the roof decking, where leakage into the home can be the unfortunate result.

Common Causes of Roof Damage
Ice Dams

Storm Group Roofing addresses ventilation and insulation problems that can lead to damaging ice dams.

The experienced technicians of Storm Group Roofing use hot water delivered under pressure to melt the ice, and then we remove the snow. It is a quick process that immediately solves the problem, thus protecting your home or commercial property and restoring proper drainage of your rooftop during the critical winter months when the risk of damage is most likely to occur. However, if ice dams are a routine and persistent formation on your roofing system each winter in Minnesota, it’s time to treat and prevent the underlying issues causing the ice dam!

Inefficient insulation leads to Ice Dams

When a home or commercial structure allows too much warm air to fill attic space, it causes the snow on the roof to melt and run down the roof slope to create dangerous ice dams. Compromised heating ducts or old, inefficient insulation contribute to the problem of heat escaping into areas just beneath your roof.

Has an ice dam caused a leaking roof on your property? Did a recent storm cause severe storm damage to your roof and surrounding property? Does something up there not look quite right? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, contact Storm Group Roofing now! Our professional roofing specialists will guide you through every step of the roof repair process to relieve the stress of property damage. Whether you need roof leak repair, roof flashing repair, or shingle replacement, we’ve helped hundreds of property owners repair after a storm, and we look forward to helping you next


Algae is custom to shade and damp locations, so algae spores can grow on wood shingles or shakes that don’t get much sunlight. Roof algae retains moisture this can lead to shingles deteriorating and eventually rot away all together.


Moss grows in high concentrated amounts on roofs. It becomes heavy from retaining water and moisture from rainfall and storms. This leads to rotting of the roof. Bacteria will grow from the moss overtime and become mold. This growth can shorten the lifespan of your roof.


Roofs are also susceptible to the growth of Lichen. Lichen holds moisture in place against the roof which speeds up wear and tear. This will cause your roof shingles to bend or warp.

Here’s how our roof repair process works:

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Our team of roofing specialists will arrive at your property as soon as possible to secure the damage and provide you with an estimate to fix it.

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Our roof insurance specialists will assist you with everything from filing a claim to ensuring that the adjuster arrives at a proper estimate.

Relax as we Take Over the Process of Repairing and Restoring your Property

We will work with your schedule to determine a time to complete the repairs on your roof. Our technicians finish most roof repair jobs in less than two weeks.

Trust Storm Group Roofing to fix your damaged roof and to take the stress out of storm damage repair.

Every member of our team strives to provide our customers with the highest level of service throughout the entire roof repair process. No exceptions.

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