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What’s the Best Residential Roofing Material For Your Flat Roof?

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Best Residential Roofing Material For Your Flat Roof

Flat and low-sloped roof types typically do not get the love that sloped roofs get. Perhaps this is because they are invisible from the ground and really aren’t much to look at in the first place. Home to air conditioning units, ugly vents, and the occasional birds nest, flat commercial roofing is not the most eye-catching.

Even though they might not be the most beautiful types of roofs, it’s vitally important that a building’s flat roof protect it from the elements. The two most popular flat roof materials on the market today are EPDM and TPO. Storm Group Roofing carries both of these materials however, we recommend TPO for most flat roofs – and here’s why:


TPO is white and considered to be a much cleaner and better-looking roofing material than black EPDM.

Energy Efficient

TPO’s white color reflects sunlight during the summer months while the black EPDM absorbs heat into the building.

Easy Drainage

TPO is made of PVC – a slippery surface that allows snow, ice, and water to easily slide off. Flat roofs often have trouble draining and TPO allows this process to be very efficient.


TPO roofing segments are melted together to create a virtually seamless connection that cannot be undone. In contrast, EPDM segments are glued together and can come apart over time.

While most common in commercial buildings and high rises, TPO and EPDM can be used for residential roofing as well. These flat roofing materials work well on low-sloped roofs above porches, under decks, and on detached garages. Watch our roofing contractors install a TPO residential flat roof on the porch of a local home here:

For more information on which flat roofing material is right for your property, contact Storm Group Roofing. Our team of Minneapolis roofing contractors is ready to help with any questions you have and provide you with the most superior roofing service. Connect with us today at (612) 559-2449 or email


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