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What are the benefits of a wooden roof?

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Wooden shake is a real classic roofing product for residential properties and perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of all the other options available on the market. While you might think of superior new material such as asphalt and steel, it is a beautiful roofing material than a wood shake then you could be wrong there. There is a number of benefits of a wooden roof that outdraws other roofing systems. Besides being good-looking, wooden roofs are also sturdy, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Some of the advantages of a wooden roof are explained below:

Superior Insulation 

Wood shake shingles, such as cedar are made up of natural hardwood. Since wood is a natural insulator, your wood shake will ensure cooler indoor during the hot summer days and will cool down your home naturally during the winter season. If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, this makes wood shake an excellent choice for your home.

 Strong Roofing 

High-quality wood shake shingles also have the ability to preserve their original form and size under the stress of increasingly humid conditions. The composition of inert chemical in a natural wood shakes prevents shrinking and gives them a degree of durability that matches asphalt.

Resisting Roofing System 

If you want a roof with aplomb and resilient to the elements, we suggest wood shake shingles. Cedar has natural preservatives that protect it against harmful UV rays and humidity. Wood shake shingles are also resistant to pets and have a comparable natural wind resistance with newer roofing materials.

Aesthetically-Pleasing & Unique Rooftop

The genuine appearance and texture of natural wood cannot suit even asphalt shingles that mimic wood shakes. So, wood shake shingles are the most beautiful roofing system you can put on your house. Now is a great time to switch wood shake roofing.

Wood roofs are quite an odd choice of roofing material, unlike asphalt shingles, concrete, and even slate. No two wooden roofs are ever the same because of the different grain and design of each wood shake or shingle which stands out your home from the rest of the people.


By selecting cedar shingles, with your roofing option, you consider the atmosphere as sustainable wood that has a lower environmental impact than petroleum products. Make sure you work with a qualified roofing contractor and use only FSC accredited shingles to make you feel assured that the wood you are using has been harvested safely and sustainably.

Easy Repair 

When the roof gets damaged, it is easy to replace wood shingles as long as they are correctly mounted. Never risk a roof’s structural integrity with handyman repairs, always pick a professional roofing contractor to do the job. This way, the renovation can be done at a very low cost along with professional maintenance.

If you are interested to install a wooden rooftop then, consult with the local roofing company, they will provide you with more information regarding the pros and cons of the wooden roof.


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