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After four months of countless bad roofs and many nominations, we have finally selected three finalists as part of our No Roof Left Behind campaign. We could not be more excited about how rewarding this process has already been and can’t wait for October 8th when we install the new roof! Each of the local finalists has a fascinating story to tell and all are equally deserving of free roofing services.

Take a moment to get to know our finalists below then visit the No Roof Left Behind website to vote for who you think deserves free roof replacement!

“93-Year-Old WWII Veteran and 90-Year-Old Wife”

For over 50 years, Jim worked at the same business before being forced to retire when the company was sold. The proud veteran and his wife wish to avoid moving into a nursing home however, the couple’s fixed income has made it difficult to provide a safe environment for them to continue living in. Their 25-year-old roof has seen far better days and has many shingles that are peeling or missing altogether.

“Medical Bills Wiped Out My Savings”

After suffering a heart attack a few years back, high medical bills drained Keith’s savings and left little to invest into his north Minneapolis home. As a result, his roof has fallen into disrepair as its three layers of shingles are disintegrating and crumbling causing leaks that are destroying the interior ceilings and walls. Keith has owned this property for 25 years but is concerned about the future, as the city inspector has warned that the roof must be replaced.

“Single Mother Looks for a Second Chance”

Kelly moved into this 950 square foot home twoyearsago with her seven-year-old son and two foster dogs. Working full-time as a single parent caring for her growing son has left little time and money to put back into her home. The home’s roof is well past its life expectancy and several leaks have caused damage within the home’s interior. Kelly fears that the winter weather will only make the situation worse and would like to have a safe home for her and her son before cold weather hits.

As you can see, deciding whom to award the free roof replacement to is not going to be an easy decision. That’s why we’re leaving it up to you. Voting will close on September 16th so be quick and spread the word – Click the link below to cast your vote now!


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