OC Duration Flex is a Great Shingle Option

In 2019, Owens Corning launched Duration Flex shingles, an exclusive blend of SBS polymer modified asphalt. These shingles were designed in such a way that they deliver improved flexibility and superior performance in harsh weather conditions. Just like other Owens Corning shingles, SureNail technology is still present, and with the combination of new flex technology, […]

F-Wave Hail-Proof Shingles are the Best Shingles in Minnesota

Here are a few positives to the F-Wave Shingles: They are not made from asphalt or rubber. Instead, they’re developed from thermoplastic. They don’t contain granules. This makes them safe, easy to carry, and convenient because they don’t leave a mess on the jobsite. F-Waves are flexible. They’re easy to cut and are difficult to […]