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Storm Group Roofing’s Springtime Roof Checkup List

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Warmer weather is finally back in Minnesota and even though it’s only March, this is a good time to start making your spring cleaning list. Aside from shaking out your rugs and cleaning your windows, don’t forget to checkup on the outside of your house as well. Winter is the harshest season for Minnesota homes and now is the perfect time to check if any roofing repairs need to be done.

Follow these steps to make sure your roof is ready for summer:

  1. Clean Debris Off Your Roof– Over the winter, leaves and twigs tend to get stuck on all types of roofs and in gutters. Sweeping this debris off your roof will ensure that your gutters flows smoothly and help prevent mold and rot.
  2. Check For Bumps or Raised Shingles- Nails and staples often become dislodged during the winter causing shingles to rise or shift. To repair, simply adjust the shingle and hammer the nail so it is flush with the roof.
  3. Look For Missing Shingles- Shingles can become dislodged by snow during the winter. If you have extra roofing materials you can easily replace this by removing all remnants of the old shingle and nailing in a new one.
  4. Check For Exposed Nails– This is common near the flashing and should either be removed and replaced, or nailed back in.

Use extreme caution before getting on top of your house to do roof maintenance. If you are not 100% confident in your abilities to do this, call a local roofing contractor to do this roofing service for you.

Now is the perfect time to get your roof ready for the hot summer months ahead. Storm Group Roofing helps property owners find superior roofing solutions for their homes or businesses. Our roof repair schedule is filling up fast so contact us soon to schedule your roofing service today.



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