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Siding Replacement or Siding Repair Minneapolis

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siding repair minneapolis

Siding Replacement or Siding Repair Minneapolis

The exterior surface of your home is meant to showcase the beauty of your home, and protect the inhabitants within the home. Siding comes in many different styles and colors, and the different types of siding come at many different values. Understanding your siding and how it affects the value of your home is important, but what happens when it becomes damaged? Different damages can determine if you need to replace your sidings or if you need siding repair Minneapolis homes can use.

siding repair minneapolis

Siding Replacement Factors

There are several types of factors that affect sidings and the value of them. Types of siding that you have on your home affect the value of the home and the materials used. The cost of vinyl siding is much more affordable than that of Hardie Siding. The cost of replacing it can be more considerable than working on a repair depending on the damages. The size of the home plays an important role in determining the cost of damages vs a replacement. How much materials will be needed? Do the damages cover the entire home? These determinations hugely depend on the surface area of your home. Most siding contractors work around the cost of replacement per-square-foot of the home exterior or determine siding repair Minneapolis by the size and frequency of damages.

Siding Repair Minneapolis

There are three very frequent and prominent signs of damages that determine if your home’s sidings need repairs, and these damages don’t normally require a replacement of the sidings if they’re found in solitary instances. If these damages are found around the majority of the sidings, then more than likely a replacement is necessary.

1. Mold or Rot

If moisture is trapped inside of your sidings then it will create an environment for mold, rot, or mildew to grow and spread. If this is something that is found in its early life cycle it can be cleaned and removed. Regardless of this, how would moisture get trapped in the first place? Are your sidings properly insulated? Or was this caused from external forces penetrating the home exterior?

2. Water Stains

Water stains come from signs of water runoff that start along the siding. Similar to mold, it will create a green algae and discoloration on your siding if left untreated.

3. Termites and Other Pests

If you have Vinyl or Hardie sidings, this is an issue you won’t have to worry about. But if you own a type or variation of a wooden siding, this can be a major problem for you. Have these creatures exterminated immediately and if the damage is contained then a repair can resolve this. If you find termites to be a frequent problem, then perhaps replacing your siding with one of the previously stated siding types would be your best course of action.

Book with a Siding Expert

Determining the best decision to make on your home exterior is of importance, and knowing how to determine it is even more important. Having a professional come and inspect your home to determine any damages, whether they’re on your exterior or your roof, you should go with the experts in all things exterior home maintenance with Storm Group Roofing. Call Today for a free inspection!


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