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Siding in Minneapolis Can Be Resilient Under the Harshest Weather Conditions

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Siding in Minneapolis and in neighborhoods throughout the Great Lakes region takes the brunt of frigid weather and blustery winds. Like roofing, siding in Minneapolis is the first layer of defense from the cold, wet conditions common to this rough and tough part of North America. Property owners in Minneapolis need siding that withstands the elements and in order for such an important component of home and building construction, it needs to be of superior quality. Not only must the siding material itself be top quality, like the James Hardie siding used by Storm Group, but it must also be installed with expertise.  No matter how good the quality of a siding product is, if it’s not applied to your home or building properly, it won’t last, nor will it achieve the insulation performance one expects in a superior siding product.

One of the primary concerns of Minneapolis homeowners and business owners who are considering new siding is whether or not the siding is of a high enough quality to withstand the Minnesota weather. Minneapolis and St. Paul see a fair share of extreme temperatures, wind, and precipitation, so siding needs to stand up to the harshest elements and look great season after season. Storm Group Roofing is committed to ensuring that property owners throughout the Twin Cities have access to affordable, high-quality siding that is able to withstand whatever Minnesota throws at it.

Roofing companies in Minneapolis, MN don’t frequently tout their skills in siding applications because most roofing contractors specialize in roofing. Not only has Storm Group Roofing mastered the art of roof replacement and repair for Minneapolis property owners, but Storm Group is also a siding contractor. 

There are a few types of popular siding materials – vinyl, wood, and metal, as well as manufactured fiber siding which has grown in popularity. 

Types of Siding

Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding is a resilient, low-maintenance material that can last many decades. Storm Group uses high-quality materials from James Hardie and other top manufacturers. Vinyl comes in colors, textures, and styles that can take on the look and texture of natural materials, too.

Wood Siding  – Wood siding reflects the beauty and appeal of traditional home exteriors. Wood can be painted or stained to achieve a look that is tailored to the property owner’s distinctive taste and architectural sensibilities.

Metal Siding – Metal siding is available in steel, aluminum, and other alloys. It too is low maintenance and highly durable. Metal siding materials also come in a variety of colors and styles.  


Fiber Siding – Fiber cement siding is another very durable type of siding product available in the Minneapolis area. It carries a slightly higher cost but can most closely resemble natural wood. 


Insulated Siding – Insulated siding facilitates additional energy efficiency for your home or commercial structure.  It’s similar to vinyl siding but with an added insulating layer, usually of expanded polystyrene foam or EPS.


Whatever a property owner’s tastes are in home or building exterior design and materials, Storm Group is eminently qualified to provide advice and to perform siding installations that ensure the longest-lasting lifespan. We’re the siding contractor in Minneapolis you can count on to always be at your service as a trusted local member of the community. Whether you’re looking for vinyl, aluminum, wood, or fiber cement siding installation, we’ve got you and your property covered, no matter where you live or work in the Twin Cities, and throughout Hennepin County, Ramsey County, and the Great Lakes region.

3 Reasons To Take Care Of Your Siding Needs, Today

Properly selected, installed, and maintained siding, provides at least 3 essential benefits:

  1. Siding insulates your home, which can save you money on your electric bills
  2. Siding protects your home’s interior from wind, rain, and hail damage
  3. Siding adds style to your home’s exterior, which can increase its property value

Professional Claims for Insurance Assistance

The severity of storm damage to your siding depends on the size of the hail and the speed of the wind. Wind-driven hail can cause vinyl siding to crack and can chip paint from metal, wood, and fiber-cement siding products. This is not just an eyesore. It can also leave the siding material exposed to moisture which can lead to premature aging. A damage claims assessment is important after severe weather in order to spot potential problems, document what happened, and get the most adequate claim from your insurance provider.  Storm Group Roofing & Siding knows how to navigate the claims process and is always happy to assist property owners in the process.


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