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Roofing Minnetonka – Storm Group Roofing follows a “process”

Storm Group Roofing wants Minnetonka property owners to know all the details that go into a high-quality roofing job, and we’re the roofers in Minnetonka who will keep you informed every step of the way.

A roofing Minnetonka contractor should always have a process that they practice and perfect over time, and Storm Group Roofing has done exactly that. Highlights of our process include…

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Roofing Minnetonka MN - Evaluating your roof conditions

We’ll assess your roof conditions and explain what’s needed to keep your Minnetonka MN home and its contents protected from the severe weather conditions that often strike Minneapolis-St. Paul region.

Roofing Minnetonka - Document the details!

Storm Group Roofing will inspect every aspect of your roof - from the condition of the roofing from the top layers to the integrity of the flashing around roof penetrations, such as chimneys and skylights. As skilled roofers of Minnetonka, MN we analyze the condition of fascia around the eaves of your roof; roof accessories such as the gutter system and vents.

Storm Group Roofing will photograph any roof parts exhibiting vulnerabilities. Then we’ll discuss the options for replacing or restoring your roof, including product comparisons and labor costs.

Honest, transparent pricing

Storm Group Roofing will review the scope of work with you to make sure you’re comfortable with the project. Property owners should know what they’re getting in terms of materials and labor at every stage of a roofing project. Storm Group will review your job line item by line item, explaining everything. You’ll know that the value of the work you're getting is worth the investment you're making in the most important component of your property, your roof.

Scheduling work around your needs

Considerate, professional roofers of Minnetonka should strive to work with property owners on a project start date that is convenient to them. Storm Group Roofing works with you to schedule when and where material should be dropped off when the trucks arrive. From the first call to Storm Group Roofing to completing the work, we'll communicate with you closely.



Attention to detail throughout the project

Installation of your new roof usually starts with the tear-off of old roofing materials. As top roofers in Minnetonka, we'll protect all landscaping to ensure flower beds, shrubs, siding, and window sills are not harmed.

Fast, efficient completion of the work

Your new roof will be installed without unnecessary delays or disruptions. After all, you’ve got a household or business to run, and you don’t need a Minnetonka roofer dragging out a project longer than necessary!

Clean-up and haul-away

Storm Group Roofing is highly attentive when it comes to leaving your property pristine after the job. We'll pick up all the old roofing material and haul it all away. Once our job is done, your property will look beautiful.

The Roof - The Most Visible Part of Your Minnetonka Property

Your roof can take up 40% of the visible exterior of your Minnetonka MN home, so it needs to look and perform great! The quality and attractiveness of your roof are a big part of that. Storm Group Roofing covers the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnetonka MN and surrounding states by installing superior roofing from great brands, like Owens Corning. Storm Group Roofing aims to satisfy your preference for roof type and roof color. As roofers in Minnetonka, we know how important superior quality roofing is to ensure your home or business weathers the cold, wet winters and strong summer winds here in the Great Lakes region.

Shingle Roofing

Storm Group Roofing is highly attentive when it comes to leaving your property pristine after the job. We'll pick up all the old roofing material and haul it all away. Once our job is done, your property will look beautiful.

Signs your might need repair

It's not always easy to tell when you need a roof repair. Roofers in Minnetonka who are experts in their craft, like Storm Group Roofing, can determine your needs by inspecting your roof for tell-tale signs of damage or excessive wear.

Minnetonka property owners can count on the fine products from Owens Corning and other great brands used by Storm Group Roofing.

Storm Group relies on the unsurpassed quality and value of Owens Corning roofing materials and other fine brands. An Owens Corning roof system looks great, lasts longer, and offers a full line of attractive styles, textures, and colors.

Storm Group Roofing is grateful to its clients in the Minnetonka community. No other roofers in Minnetonka enjoy so much repeat business and customer referrals. Please allow us to prove to you that we’re Minnetonka’s best roofing contractor!