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15 Questions to Ask Residential Roofing Contractors in Minneapolis

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residential roofing contractors

Your home deserves a durable, reliable, and long-lasting roof that only the right residential roofing contractors can provide. Keep in mind that there are many roofing contractors out there but not all of them are right for you or the roofing project you have.

But as a homeowner, how can you know whether they are the right contractor or not? Well, asking the right questions can help point you in the right direction. If you don’t know what these questions are, don’t worry. This blog will guide you.

Here are the top fifteen essential questions you should ask a residential roofing contractor to help you decide whether they’re the right person to hire or not.

residential roofing contractors

What are your full business name and contact information?

Always ask about the residential roofing contractor’s full business name and contact information. This way, you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with and how to reach them should you have any questions or queries.

Where are you located?

Asking this will allow you to determine whether the roofing contractor’s location is accessible to you or not. Their location may affect how prompt and responsive they will be should you have any issues or concerns later on.

Are you licensed?

Minnesota requires all residential roofing contractors to obtain a license before any bidding or work can take place. Their registration is proof that they are legally allowed to operate. So make sure that the roofing contractor you’ll hire is licensed.

Are you insured?

Insurance is what will protect you as a customer against property damage and liability for employees’ work-related injuries. So make sure to work only with a contractor that has both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Do you provide warranties?

Generally, roofing contractors usually provide workmanship and materials warranty. These two cover installation errors, incomplete work, and defective roofing materials. With the warranties, you will never have to shoulder the cost of repairing or correcting them.

How many years of experience do you have in the industry?

Experienced residential roofing contractors already know the ins and outs of roofing. They are also knowledgeable about the local climate conditions and they know what will work best and what will not.

What roofing services do you offer?

This question allows you to know whether the contractor has the expertise, skills, and experience required to handle the job. Not all roofing contractors are trained to handle a specific residential roofing service such as metal or shingle roofing.

Can you provide references?

References from past customers and industry experts will allow you to check the contractor’s past performance. Their past customers can tell you about the quality of work they deliver and the industry experts can tell you about the contractor’s compliance with industry standards.

How much will the project cost me?

You don’t want to end up surprised about how much you’ll have to pay by the end. Roofing can be costly so you need to be prepared for all the expenses beforehand. Ask the contractor if they can give you a detailed written estimate.

What are the payment terms and schedule?

It’s better to be clear from the start. Ask about the payment terms and when are you expected to pay. Usually, they would require a down payment, progress payments, and a final payment after the work is completed. Make sure to also ask about the acceptable modes of payment.

When will the roofing work start?

You need to know the expected date of the start of roofing works so you can prepare accordingly. You may have to pack, or at least move out of the way, some of your personal belongings, furniture, and fixtures.

How long will it take to finish the project?

Knowing the estimated date of completion will allow you to also track their progress. Will they be able to finish the project on time? Do they have backup plans in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances?

Do I have to move out for the entire duration of the project?

Depending on the extent of the roofing work, you may have to move out temporarily from your home. Roofing can be dangerous and you should not put you or your family’s safety at risk. Knowing this piece of information can help you prepare in advance.

Who should I approach should I have questions, issues, and concerns?

Ask for a point person – the person whom you should contact in case something came up. As a customer, you have the right to be informed about the details of the project, its progress, and even the issues and challenges present.

How will you protect my property?

Roofing can be damaging to the property as well. It can mess up your garden and yard, damage your patio and walls, and even your roof itself. So ask about how the roofing contractor will ensure your property will be protected throughout the entire process.

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