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Rapid Roof Remover

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Rapid Roof Remover

Asphalt roof shingles continue to be the most popular roofing material. They’re durable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly. 

As great as they are, eventually you’ll need to remove and/or replace your shingles. This is a job most home-owners can do themselves. 

It’s a grueling task, especially in the summer when most roofing repair jobs happen. Rapid Roof Remover is a tool designed to make removing shingles a breeze. 

Keep reading for more information on roof repair and how Rapid Roof Remover will help you with your Minneapolis home.

When is it Time to Remove Shingles?

There are many reasons to remove your shingles. Without weather damage, a good set of shingles should last you about 25 years. 

If you have more than one layer of shingles, you’ll need to remove them after around 20 years without other damage.

And if you’re moving out, a set of new shingles could increase your home’s value.

Shingles have made pretty big advancements within the last 15 years. A set of energy-efficient shingles could save you money on your electricity bill every month. 

As great as shingles are, they are liable to damage in extreme weather incidents. You may have to remove and replace shingles displaced by wind, hail, or rain. 

Maybe you’ve just painted the house and want to make your shingles match. No matter the reason, you’re going to need Rapid Roof Remover to get the job done.

How Rapid Roof Remover Will Help

Most roof repair tools require tons of effort for the removal of a few shingles at a time. 

Shingle removal shovels can be narrow and awkward to handle. You’ll often need additional tools to pull out nails or staples left behind. 

A ripper is a smaller tool that resembles a toolbar. It’s designed to pull up shingles one at a time, making the job time-consuming and tedious. 

The Rapid Roof Remover is the answer to all of these problems. This machine will save you time, money, and effort when removing shingles from your Minneapolis home.

The Rapid Roof Remover is a pneumatic tool with a 30-inch blade that brings up large sections of shingles all at once. It weighs only 56 pounds and you hardly have to lift a finger to operate it. 

It can tear up multiple layers of shingles at once. It also removes most of the fasteners to save on prep time.

The best part about the Rapid Roof Remover is its versatility. You can use it to remove flooring as well!

It works great at pulling up carpet, wood, tile, and linoleum. Say goodbye to hours spent on your hands and knees.

Shingle Then Mingle

If you’re getting ready to remove your shingles or your floors, don’t dread it! All you need to do is get the Rapid Roof Remover to make your job a breeze. 

If you need help with a roofing project in Minneapolis, get in touch with Storm Group Roofing. We’ll be happy to help you every step of the way.


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