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What Do I Do If My Insurance Adjuster Denies My Roof Claim?

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Understanding home insurance is important. You have insurance to make sure your property will be restored to the condition it was before in case of severe weather events like storms, hails, high winds, tornados, etc. Unfortunately, people tend to trust their insurance companies when trying to open weather-related roof claims, such as damage claim or water damage. But when insurance companies deny roof claims, not many are willing to pursue it.

Insurance Companies Are In Business To Make Money

The amount of money they collect totals billions every year in premiums. When you file a roofing claim, in cases of emergencies, they are legally obligated to honor claims but most insurance denies roofing claims, delay or argue scope of claims.

Hence, Hiring a reputable roofing contractor who understands insurance games is crucial in this process. You need someone on your side who has your interest in mind.

Don’t Give Up After Your Roofing Claim Has Been Denied

Never give up after the first roof claim denial, especially with Allstate. With our experience, we have learned that many roofing claims get opened only after the second or third adjustment. If you do not agree with the original decision, insurance companies will send new adjusters at no cost.

Just like we explained in this video, sometimes it might need a few adjuster meetings and third parties to get involved to complete the process.


Fighting insurance companies for a homeowners insurance claim is a time-consuming task. They usually delay the process to starve contractors and tip negotiations in their favor. Also, by doing this they hope that contractors or homeowners will drop the case.

Either way, it might take up to a few years (as our claim in our video which took 1.5 years from start to finish) but the result is worth waiting: you can restore your entire exterior at no cost to you. Team up and work with your trusted contractor. Do not assume that the contractor is greedy or aggressive if he asks for more funds from your insurance.

Whether it is roof replacements, fixing roof leaks or installing wood shakes, roofing is a complicated process. It involves lots of codes and variable costs which includes insurance, labor, code compliance, and material costs.

Work With Your Roofing Contract As A Team

You and your contractor should focus on what is important and work together to get the best possible outcome from the claim. Contractors should know what is best for you. Do not hesitate with little things and work with your contractor whether it is just signing a few papers such as invoices, change orders, certificate of completion, checks, and other documents.

Trust Your Research And Don’t Be Persuaded By Your Insurance Adjuster

Most insurance companies will try to discredit your contractor and picture him as “greedy” or “not professional”. Often they will tell you others can do it for less but do not let the insurance company play their games with you. If you love working with your contractor keep working with him and discuss a game plan. Discuss what needs to be done to yield the best results for your project.


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