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How much will roof replacement cost you?

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How much will roof replacement cost you

The answer to this question, of course, is “that depends.” In addition to the obvious factors I have to consider when bidding a job—the size, the slope, the roofing materials I’ll be using—home owners should be aware of additional issues when establishing the bottom line. Here are some questions to consider:

Will my insurance payment change? Just last week, I finished a job in Saint Paul working on a  gorgeous 115-year-old Victorian. Because of all the unusual angles, and because I was installing two skylights, the bill came to $10,400.

But just as we were wrapping up the project, the homeowner was delighted to learn that his roof insurance would drop by almost $400 a month. This means that within two years, his roof replacement will pay for itself! (The homeowner’s Angie’s List review of our work can be found here.)

Am I planning to sell in the next 10 years? There’s a reason realtors talk so much about “curb appeal” – the factor that makes you say “wow” when you drive up to a house on the market. Realtors cite curb appeal as a key factor in nearly half of all home sales.

And nothing brings out the “wow” like a new roof. As a roofing contractor, you’d expect me to say that, of course. But don’t take my word for it. Better Homes and Gardens calculates that 40 percent of a home’s curb appeal depends on the condition of its roof. And why not? It’s generally the first thing people see when they drive up to your home.

A great example of this is one our past customers who paid Storm Group Roofing $8,000 for a new roof two years ago, and just last month, sold his home for $20,000 more than expected. Of course, our roofing services weren’t the only factor, but the homeowner says it was the first thing people commented on.

What’s the cost of doing nothing? The most important reason for roof replacement is the obvious one: Preventing water and storm damage. If water gets into your wood, sheet rock, fabrics or other biodegradable materials, the result can be a five-figure roof damage repair bill. And if left long enough for mold to develop, there are health risks to consider.

To find out exactly how much your roof replacement will cost, contact Storm Group Roofing! Our Twin City roofing team will provide a free estimate and work with you every step of the way to give you the best looking roof possible.

Blog written by Dmitry Lipinskiy, Owner of Storm Group Roofing LLC. Contact Dmitry at or 612-559-2449.


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