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How Drone Technology Changed the Roofing Industry

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Two years ago, drones were still in their infancy but Storm Group Roofing was already using this technology to better serve our clients. As one of the first Minneapolis roofing companies to actively use drones, we started with a simple entry-level drone. It wasn’t long before we realized their benefits and invested in state of the art drones with high-resolution 4K quality cameras to implement into our day-to-day operations.

Since day one, our drones were always included complementary with our Minneapolis roofing service. We continue to offer this perk to our customers who would like to have good pictures of their roof upon completion, of our roof replacement jobs. Our Minneapolis roofers can even make YouTube videos per request.

Why Do We Use Drones?

When you go to a barbershop for a hair cut, the barber will always use a mirror to show you how your haircut looks from behind because you simply can’t see. The same is true with roofing services. In our trade, it isn’t always easy to see how good of the job a roofing company did. It is very important for us to be able to show final pictures of two or three story houses and make sure our clients are satisfied with the quality of the work and roofing workmanship.

Today, Storm Group Roofing offers much more then just final pictures and videos. Using our drones we are able to inspect a roof and places a ladder can’t get to. We are able to provide inspections of the tallest commercial roofs in town and, most importantly for us; we eliminate the risk of falling for our inspectors. Safety has always been our number one priority and if we can keep our Minneapolis roofers off the roofs, we always will.

Most inspectors/estimators work by themselves, making climbing on a roof much riskier. Drones provide an efficient solution that eliminates the need for inspectors to get on the roof.

Our customers also appreciate the high quality photos of their investment. Homeowners that are selling can use these photos within their listing and tag them as “Brand New Roof.” We’ve received a number of testimonials stating our brand new roofs were the key to sell properties for asking price. And the best part: our drone photos are 100% free. We have never charged for this service and love providing our valued customers with this added perk!


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