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Finding the Right Roofing Contractor Minneapolis

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With 20+ roofing contractor Minneapolis, Minnesota, finding the company right for you can be overwhelming. It’s important to get your roof damage assessed and fixed as soon as possible to help protect your assets, so there isn’t always time to shop around.

Here are some top tips for finding a roofing contractor that you can trust:

  • Read the company reviews
  • Talk to homeowners who have recently had work done on their home’s exterior
  • Make sure that the roofing contractors you’re looking at are licensed and insured
  • The roofer is willing to do an extensive assessment of your home
  • Offers a Free Estimate!

You should also always ask questions when looking to hire a roofing contractor. Some important ones to note are:

  • Will there be someone overseeing my project for quality?
  • How will the rest of my home’s exterior be protected during a roofing installation?

Knowing these tips, Storm Group Roofing is your trusted roofer against other roofing contractor Minneapolis

Minnesota’s weather can be relentless on your home’s roofing system. Storm Group Roofing knows how vital it is to respond rapidly when you have roof damage. When you discover a leak, if hail strikes, when limbs fall, and if the harsh winter conditions of Minneapolis impact your property, we respond quickly while performing the most thorough roof repairs and replacements possible. Storm Group Roofing never takes shortcuts, and we always strive for perfection.

Take a look at what some of our homeowners are saying:


Alex and his team were so helpful, thorough and responsive.  I was very impressed with his knowledge and how hard he worked for us.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Storm Group Roofing or use them again.” — Heather L.


“Wow! In all my years, I have never met such a sweet gal! Elizabeth was so professional, so awesome, so knowledgeable, so caring, so understanding, so responsible, so handy and so confident in her work. I will work with her and her company again because of their work ethic.” – Calvin M. 

Storm Group Roofing

Storm Group Roofing is a licensed and insured roofing company offering residential and commercial customers a complete line of competitively priced roofing services. Our goal as professionals has been in not only the construction business, but we pride ourselves in being an educational hub for our customers. We understand that the extensive care and information involved with roofing and caring for your roof is not common knowledge, so educating the “every man” of what is involved is something we look forward to doing. From roof design and installation to repair and preventative roof maintenance, our team of experts go the extra mile to ensure you’re thoroughly satisfied. Our expertise, commitment, and dedication are apparent in every level of our business.


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