Best Roofing Shingles in Minnesota

As a Minnesotan, it’s important to have a durable roof that you can rely on. That’s why Storm Group Roofing endorses both the Owens Corning Duration Flex, and the equally reliable F-Wave shingle. Deciding which one is best for your home depends on a number of factors. First, let’s take a look at the best […]

What are the best roofs for warm and cold climates?

Roofs get made in such a way that they withstand the climatic changes by adapting accordingly. Most of the roofs protect against all types of weather conditions, but some roofs have an advantage over others due to their building material and properties. They are naturally better at maintaining roof temperature. Roofs best for cold and […]

Is it possible to install a new roof in winter?

People mostly residing in cold weather realize that the roofing seasons’ are the spring, summer, and early fall. People in these areas schedule on getting their roofs done when the working days are long and the temperatures are clement. However, it’s possible to get done with the roof even in extreme climatic conditions. The real […]

How to prevent ice damming on my roof?

Winter is here, so are the ice dams! Ice dams are a nuisance but inevitable in snowy areas of the country, but they can be reduced and even eliminated with proper insulation and venting. What is an ice dam? Ice dams are chunks of ice that is formed along the brims of a roof and […]

What are the benefits of a wooden roof?

Wooden shake is a real classic roofing product for residential properties and perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of all the other options available on the market. While you might think of superior new material such as asphalt and steel, it is a beautiful roofing material than a wood shake then you could be wrong there. […]

How to choose the best gutter guards?

If you’ve ever had to cope with a clogged gutter’s unforgiving wrath, you definitely don’t want to have to deal again with that kind of ordeal. The simplest way to prevent the implications of debris buildup is to install a gutter guard, which can include everything from water leaks in your cellar to climbing on […]

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

We are all aware of the fact that storms can be dangerous and even life-threatening at times. But did you know it can also threaten the life of your roof? The damage that your house encounters after a storm can be fatal. It goes without saying that this needs a proper inspection, so you are […]

What Do I Do If My Insurance Adjuster Denies My Roof Claim?

Understanding home insurance is important. You have insurance to make sure your property will be restored to the condition it was before in case of severe weather events like storms, hails, high winds, tornados, etc. Unfortunately, people tend to trust their insurance companies when trying to open weather-related roof claims, such as damage claim or […]

Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof: 8 Simple Maintenance Steps

As a business owner, your typical day is busy and chances of you thinking about your roof are slim. The only time you will find a business owner thinking of renovating his/her roof is when it’s leaking. Instead of waiting, conduct regular maintenance of your commercial roof and extend the life of both your business […]

Why Install Metal Roofs In Cold Climate?

Metal Roofs are a very popular choice for people living in colder regions such as Minnesota because of its various advantages compared to asphalt shingles. Not only do they look great and have various benefits, but they also come in various options from steel, aluminum, copper or galvanized steel which gives a unique look to […]