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Best Roofing Shingles in Minnesota

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Roofing Shingles in Minnesota

As a Minnesotan, it’s important to have a durable roof that you can rely on.
That’s why Storm Group Roofing endorses both the Owens Corning Duration Flex, and the equally reliable F-Wave shingle.
Deciding which one is best for your home depends on a number of factors.

First, let’s take a look at the best qualities of each shingle.

Owens Corning Duration Flex:

  1. Flexible
  2. Highly resistant to impact (i.e. hail, tree branches, etc.)


  1. Made from thermoplastic (not asphalt or rubber)
  2. No granules, meaning no messes left behind on jobsites
  3. Flexible
  4. Performs well in windy conditions
  5. Stylish
  6. Easy to fix
  7. High-end functionality

These are the positives, but there are also downsides to each shingle.

Owens Corning Duration Flex:

  1. Susceptible to breaking in freezing conditions


  1. Backed by a 50-year warranty, but that warranty is unlikely to be honored for that amount of time
  2. Hail-resistant in lab tests, but still unproven in live, outdoor conditions

As you can see, there is no perfect shingle for Minnesota homes. Our ever-changing climate, especially the harsh winters, makes it difficult to guarantee that any brand of shingle will withstand inclement weather for over a decade.
Still, both Owens Corning Duration Flex and F-Wave shingles offer protection that many other brands simply cannot match.
The next time you’re in the market for a new roof, call Storm Group Roofing, and let one of our highly-trained and experienced professionals get your roof back on track!


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