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Over the last 5 months, our No Roof Left Behind campaign has been the talk around the Storm Group Roofing offices. We absolutely loved getting to know the different Minneapolis homeowners who were nominated for free roof replacement. As evidenced by the countless comments, shares and likes surrounding our nominees, these are some of the most amazing people in this community and everyone is deserving of roofing services.

Ultimately, we left it up to you to decide who would be the winner of this year’s No Roof Left Behind Campaign in Hennepin County. Over 400 votes were cast for the three finalists throughout the weeklong voting period and it was a tight race to the very end. But, alas a winner of the free roof repair and replacement services had to be chosen…

Congratulations to Jimmie and Mary Hale!

Forced to retire from his job of 50 years, Jim fought for over five years to have the elderly couple’s mortgage modified. As a result, the Hale’s south Minneapolis home began to fall into disrepair. Jim, a 93-year-old World War II Veteran, did what he could to maintain the home as best he could; but some items presented an impossible challenge. Many shingles on their home’s 25-year-old roof are peeling or missing altogether and Jim just didn’t have the money, or the ability, to fix this on his own.

The Hale’s are exactly what No Roof Left Behind is all about. Everyone here at Storm Group Roofing could not be more excited to help this lovely couple and to give back to a veteran who so courageously served our country. We haven’t forgotten about the other two very deserving finalists either. Storm Group Roofing will provide essential roofing repair services for these homeowners so their roofs will be able to withstand this Minnesota winter and make it to next year’s No Roof Left Behind program!

Thursday, October 8th will be a truly magical day as we install a new roof for the Hale’s. Let’s spread the word and make this a community wide event! Everyone is welcome to stop by the Hale’s home to watch the roofing services take place, congratulate Jim and Mary, and be a part of this exciting day!




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