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Roof Leak Repair: How Heavy Rains Harm Your Roof

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roof leak repair​

Roof Leak Repair: How Heavy Rains Harm Your Roof

Heavy rains are normal so as a property owner, it is crucial that you are knowledgeable about roof leak repair.  Your roof is the part of your home that is most exposed to nature’s elements, making it more vulnerable to potential risks and issues caused by the changing weather conditions. Much more if you don’t maintain it well, heavy rains can definitely cause significant damage to your roof and your home, in general. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how heavy rains can harm your roof and how you can avoid them through roof leak repair and maintenance.

roof leak repair​

Heavy Rain Causes Shingle Damage

Your roof’s shingles will bear the majority of the impact when it rains. It can crack your shingles or cause them to deteriorate over time, which could allow moisture to seep through the underlayment and cause various roof problems. Rain can also strip the granules from your shingles, exposing them to the coating beneath. This will degrade the shingle’s performance, leading to accelerated aging of the roof and poor performance. So as soon as you notice your shingles are already damaged by the rain, call a roofing contractor right away and have them repaired.

Heavy Rain Causes Water Leaks

When your roof is already damaged and then the rain starts to pour, your home will be more susceptible to water damage. Water can seep through the interiors of your home and through your interior walls and ceilings. This can cause water stains and water leaks, which not only cause aesthetic damage but can also compromise the structural integrity of your home. 


Thus, it is highly recommended that homeowners should make their roofs storm-proof and rain ready. This way, any time the heavy rain comes, you wouldn’t have to worry about any water damage. You can put your mind at ease because your roof is prepared and ready.

Rainwater Can Build Up in Clogged Gutters

If your gutters are not properly installed or clogged, then it is more likely for water to build up. Remember, the function of your gutters is to direct rainwater away from your house and off your roof. If something is blocking the water flow, such as leaves and other debris, it cannot perform its function properly. Water may become trapped in your gutters and start to build up. Eventually, because of the extra weight, your gutters may start to sag and pull away from your roof and your house.

Heavy Rain Can Cause Mold Damage

If your shingles have deteriorated over time as a result of persistent rain, mold may start to grow. Remember, molds flourish in moist environments so when it rains and your damaged shingles or tiles absorb a lot of water, it can cause mold to develop rapidly on your roof and eventually enter your house. This could seriously jeopardize you and your family’s health so as soon as you notice them, call an expert roofing contractor right away to do roof leak repair.

roof leak repair​

Contact Storm Group Roofing For Your Roof Leak Repair!

Storm Group Roofing is an expert in roof maintenance and roof leak repair. We won’t allow heavy rains to stress you out or cause serious damage to your roof. With our skills and years of experience, you wouldn’t have to worry about heavy rains and other extreme weather conditions. You can just relax and cozy up in your home because Storm Group got you covered. We will make sure that your roof is always prepared for rains and storms, at any time. Call us today and we’ll give you free estimates!


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