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F-Wave: Roofing Shingle that is not afraid of Hail or Foot traffic

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Introduction to F-Wave

If you’re a homeowner and you’re sick and tired of replacing your roofing every single year because you live in a heavy hail area perhaps it is time to consider F-Wave shingles. It’s not asphalt shingles, it’s a completely different product from everything else on the market that you see on 80% of the roofs installed today. F-Wave Hail-Proof Shingles are a huge component of the Roofing Industry.

If you live in an environment that gets hammered by hail every season, then hail is certainly a threat, concern, and really big issue. With global warming, current weather patterns have drastically changed in some areas. It now hails where it never hailed before. Places like Atlanta are seeing hail damage as well as in Florida the area of Cocoa Beach got hail this year. In Denver, we are seeing disturbing reports of bigger hail and ghastly damage almost every year now.

New records being set on an annual basis, and roofs getting smashed to pieces, it is becoming a real problem for insurance companies losing billions in coverage. It may be good for storm restoration contractors, but I believe that we should be investing in and looking for better solutions and better products to solve this massive problem.

F-Wave shingles brand manufacturing and production located in Burleson Texas has been in business since 2015. They have created shingles that don’t just stand up to high winds and hail, or whatever other punishment nature dishes out, they also look great while doing it. And without the drawbacks and costly upkeep of asphalt shingles, natural wood shingles, and real slate roofing tiles. Here are a few positives to the F-Wave Shingles.

10 reasons why you should consider F-Wave

#1: It’s Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

The number one reason is that it’s not asphalt shingles but it’s also not a rubber it’s TPO. What does that mean? TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, a single-ply roofing membrane that covers the surface of the roof. The name is a bit misleading because rather than being a plastic, TPO is one of a few different types of rubber, usually a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. Roofers understand that thermoplastic consists of seven primary ingredients in the product. They are not made from asphalt or rubber. Instead, they’re developed from thermoplastic.

They are all readily available, they’re not what you would call commodity products, but they’re resins and polymers, that are available in the market. Formulated in a way that’s a bit proprietary but everything about the product is green and sustainable because it’s plastic and plastic has already been used in the roofing industry for a long time it performs completely different than most products on the market.

#2: It doesn’t have granules

If you look at the product especially from the road after it is already installed, you will see granules, but it doesn’t have granules. The whole thing about F-Wave I have discovered after I have spent almost two days with the team and product is that it is a very well-engineered product. And there’s a whole bunch of engineering. They pretty much look at everything from an engineer’s standpoint. When I asked them how they painted it because it pretty much looks like granules but it’s actually a very high-tech process. These are not granules but individual particles that are on the shingles.

They don’t contain granules. This makes them safe, easy to carry, and convenient because they don’t leave a mess on the job site. It’s an incredible challenge to make something that’s a plastic base look like a real rock product which you understand is important especially if your roofer because you need granules, so you don’t slip. It’s walkable and as a matter of fact, they encourage you to work on the roofs.

I’ve never seen any other product on the roofing market that a manufacturer would say go walk on our roofs it’s not going to damage it. They’re not afraid of foot traffic because in the case of F-wave shingles the granule surface is permanent onto the surface of the shingle. So, you can walk on it, you can jump on it, you can do anything you want on it, and you’ll be fine, and your roof will be fine.

#3: It’s very flexible and easy to cut

It’s not easy to break but it’s very flexible. Also, very easy to cut. During testing, I was very impressed by working with it. Fresh out of the bundle if I hand this to the roofer to install it looks meant to be handled the real-world application on the roof, meant to be walked on, ready to go. F-Waves are flexible. They’re easy to cut and are difficult to break.

#4: It has an amazing wind rating

The glue that they have behind it is a completely different glue from the glue used in asphalt shingles. The wind ratings on them are fantastic. Good luck picking them up. It’s a proprietary technology which I’ve tried many times lifting it off, it’s not an easy job. The tester shingles tested at up to 170 miles an hour, which is absolutely amazing and did really well. The wind rating is at an astonishing 110 miles an hour.

#5: It looks cool

Lots of manufacturers do struggle these days because their shingles get lighter and lighter especially asphalt. They used to be in the 240 to 250 range now there are in the 200 range at that dimension. F-Wave is a 210 so it’s about the same weight but they’re much thicker shingles. As a matter of fact, you get six bundles per square, not three because of how thick they are. Also, they look amazing from the road.

They look just like any other asphalt shingles, but they’re not asphalt. They look better than asphalt if you ask my opinion. I like my shingles to have style, and F-Waves do. They come in bundles of six, are light and neatly packaged, plus they have an array of colors you can mix and match to the contours of your home.

#6: It’s very easy to repair

If you drop something on it or if it’s dented, even hail damaged, some of the damage comes out as it starts heating up. Because it is a molded product it always wants to get back to the original shape. This is my favorite part of the entire presentation here if this is not impressive, I don’t know what is.

If there is ever a problem, these shingles are easy to fix. By applying heat to affected areas, dents, foot traffic, and hail damage can all be remedied. Of particular note to mention is that F-Wave offers the best hail resistance, to go along with the best warranties in the business.

#7: It’s hail resistant

Of course, it is Hail resistant. This is the only product that had passed both the steel ball valve test but also the regular one. This is the fun part of the job, using crystal clear ice balls. Just so we have the most solid impact possible. The problem with the Valve test and warranty is that the shingles only have class four as a top achievement. My opinion is that we should have class eight at the top. If we have Class eight products like F-Wave, we would be all the way at the top of the food chain. Class four includes metal and asphalt shingles that have base technology in them. I mean they all get the same ranking, but they don’t perform the same.

You can use kettlebells to test F-Wave shingles. What we’ll see with F-wave product is a slight dent and this test deck has actually been tested probably over 50 times. We put this out in the Sun and that will disappear. So, when we were testing them at the facility, I was blown away how the tests performed and how the shingles were standing up so well to the tests. I mean I’ve done those tests here in my office and we’ve done it so many times and I’ve never seen a product perform how well F-Wave performs to hail.

What an amazing product. I understand that a lot of you guys are going to have a dilemma. Offer it to your clients or keep using the same old same old shingles. Because a lot of you think that it’s good for your business to keep replacing the roofs every year. If you do something like this it’s going to put you out of business because you know for the next five years of five storms, it’s not going to have any damage. My message to you is this, don’t worry about it. Do what’s right for the customer, do what’s right for the environment, for an insurance company. I guarantee you’ll be more successful by doing that.

F-Waves are very consistent in their functionality. Imagine you’re a robot or a car in Elon Musk’s Tesla factory. Pretty cool, huh? These are not your grandfather’s shingles. F-Waves are top-end, reliable pieces of equipment that make for unparalleled efficiency.

#8: It’s light & nicely packaged

I was pleased about how in a factory you look at the bundle and it looks just like a regular bundle. One thing about dealing with the shingles which are 80 percent of the market right now is that granules always fall off. Sometimes you open the bundle and literally granules just spill out. When you install on the job it’s very slippery, your gutters are full, there’s always a lot of cleanups, you clean your truck, you’re cleaning your floors, it’s just part of the business. When you deal with a product like F-Wave it’s super clean. It’s more like a metal clean but it’s almost better than the metal. It’s just so light it’s not heavy, the package is nice, I just love it.

#9: It’s very consistent

I’ve seen a lot of products on the market where you know you can go back after install and you see a bad batch. One bundle has a color discoloration or whatever. One thing about their factory and we were not permitted to film everywhere, but a few areas they let us film. It literally feels like a Tesla Factory. The area that packages their shingles at the end the way they explained it to us as they have a robot that kind of juggles everything. So, it’s almost like playing cards, they have software that models how it goes on the roof to prevent patterning. This robot is a big part of it, which allows them to shuffle the deck and make sure that you don’t have patterns coming out they don’t want. The robot helps to make sure that each bundle gets the same amount of shingle switches.

You would be surprised but not all asphalt shingle manufacturers have it, they don’t have the same amount. They say between the three you’re going to get a square which I question because I’ve seen a lot of jobs where it’s not the case and the roofers complain all the time. You finish the job and your short one or two bundles. One of the reasons is because you don’t know if you’re going to get 19 pieces or 22 per bundle. A lot of people don’t believe me but call your supplier and you’ll get answers that it’s not the same quantity in a bundle.

Well with F-wave it’s always the same. But it’s also a juggle because it’s a little bit different pattern you always have the same nice picture. Their manufacturing process is very different from everything I’ve seen when it comes to shingle manufactures so I’m very impressed with that.

#10: No backlog

I told you their Factory looks like Tesla, but they don’t have backlogs like Tesla. You don’t have to wait two, three years, it’s already in the market. They’ve been selling it so you can get it pretty much right now. They sell in 16 states but I’m pretty sure they’ll ship to others. So, if you’re in the market and you’re looking for a highly durable product, I would like to connect you. The product is available, it’s there, it’s on the market, and you can go and buy it and try it and see how it performs.

The best part is that you can get your hands on this product today. My company will be offering them both in Orlando and Minneapolis. Other companies in our network also offer this product but don’t worry, I am not HomeAdvisor, meaning I will not sell your information to low-level contractors who are clueless regarding this excellent product. At Storm Group Roofing, we value quality and reputation and is what will continue to practice as we strive to propel this company forward.

Some of my concerns

Here at Storm Group Roofing, my team spent many hours testing F-Wave shingles, I feel it is my obligation to be diligent and share what we feel are some shortcomings on the product.

Concern #1: We don’t know how it will perform

I’ve been busting steel and ice balls for a couple of days testing the product and I don’t want you to bust my balls because I didn’t give you any concerns. I do have a couple of concerns I would call them soft concerns. I don’t think it’s a big deal but as a reporter and an honest Youtuber I must tell you how it is, and I really brainstormed this. I asked the CEO of the company if there is anything, any concerns, any problems you have, I want to know because I want to report it.

Before you make a decision at least hear me out and maybe it’ll affect your decision maybe not who knows. Let me know in the comments below. Concern number one the product has been on the market for a short time, since 2015. Yes, it has a hail warranty, it has a faded warranty, it has you know lifetime or 50-year warranty, for the product but the thing is we don’t know how it’s going to perform in the long run yet. It has been tested in the labs and I truly believe that they will back up their launch if you ask me I believe in the product but it’s hard to say it will last you know even 25 years when the product has only been in the market for four years.

We don’t know what we don’t know. We have to wait and see. Will F-Waves last without fading? If you bought F-Waves back in 2015, then your 50-year warranty will extend until 2065. My research leads me to believe that the shingles will last that long but guaranteeing the product’s shelf-life is something I am currently unable to do.

So that’s concern number one. I’ve seen plastic products failed before. Something to do with their technology. I do however see how F-Wave is very different. They don’t use any recycled materials, for example, the reason is that plastic is always going to go back to its original shape. So, they don’t want the shingles to be buckling or anything like that. So, I think it will last, but a concern if you have that concern, I would understand it.

Concern #2: Hail warranty & promise

F-Wave is a hail proof product. Now we’ve been testing it and seeing something happen during the testing. I’m here to report to you that I do believe that it’s possible to crack an F-wave shingle. I would say if it happens to an F-wave that same test would break any other product in the market. I believe F-Wave shingles to be at the top 1% of all products on the market. During testing, there was a tiny, tiny crack but it didn’t break all the way. The deck behind the shingles was completely destroyed. But on the test area after all the shots I’ve seen one little area of concern which we came back to when it was hot, and we still saw the crack.

I believe it’s possible to destroy or to crack the shingle but if that ever happens, I guarantee there’s no other product at least on today’s market that would withstand such punishment. And it’s not going to happen to the entire roof. If you buy an F-wave roof, I guarantee your house is going to be the only one in the neighborhood who’s not going to be getting a new roof if bad hail damage strikes. Out of all the products I’ve seen, this is the best product for hail damage, for hail warranty, and I don’t doubt the warranty is good.

As previously mentioned, the shingles are hail-resistant and are backed by an airtight warranty. The shingles were deemed hail-resistant after being run through a gauntlet of tests, but those were man-made and not an exact replication of actual outdoor conditions. Again, I don’t want to guarantee this product won’t break.

Again, the positivity of the company and the technology and the team I met are such amazing people. Such an amazing product, you can tell they’re all engineers and it’s designed by engineers. Front and back, every detail, so much attention to those details, from the reach to the starter, to the packaging. I mean I’m super impressed and I’m not an easy guy to impress.


I do have minor concerns but there’s no way they can out way my decision to promote the brand. I’m not getting paid for promoting F-Wave, they invited us, and they wanted to show us the product. We’re not getting paid to do this review, this is my honest feedback, this is my honest review.

The bottom line is that F-Wave outshines all other available options, such as cedar, metal, and asphalt. While the cost of F-wave is nearly double, it is an investment you will be happy to have made.

Let me know what you think in the comments below if you have installed the product at your house. If you are a roofer would you be recommending something like this to homeowners? Let me know, I read all my comments, I want to hear your feedback.

Storm Group Roofing Team.


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