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Minnesotans Show Bostonians How to Remove Ice Dams

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If there’s one thing Minnesotans know better than nearly anyone else, it’s ice and snow. Even more importantly, Minnesotans know how to remove ice and snow. This skill is something the ice dam removal technicians of Ice Dam Liquidators (the ice dam removal division of Storm Group Roofing) take a great deal of pride in. When the Boston area was recently hit with several feet of snow, the team knew they had to help.

The Boston Globe wrote a great article on the Ice Dam Liquidator team and their efforts to help thaw out Boston area homes and businesses. The article tells the story of how Dmitry Lipinskiy, owner of Storm Group Roofing, and hisroofing contractors team drove straight through the night to remove ice dams on roofs all over Boston.

The team has been removing ice dams non-stop for the last two weeks going from one ice dam removal job to the next, helping Bostonians recover from record snowfall. Some jobs take just a few hours, while others take days. The team spent three days melting ice dams on one house before they were able to remove the thick ice that had formed on the roof and along the eves.

Boston’s climate combined with the recent snowfall is the perfect recipe for ice dams to form. Over the course of two weeks, nearly three feet of snow fell. However, after each storm, the air temperature would rise above freezing, melting the snow to water and refreezing it at night. Repeat this process with added snow and it’s only a matter of time before a roof starts leaking from an ice dam.

Dmitry and his team plan on removing ice dams for as many people as they can while they are in Boston. While it’s difficult being away from friends and family, the work they are doing is making a big difference for homeowners, and that’s what it is all about.


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